Brooklyn in New York used to be an industrial area with warehouses and factories,
Up-and-coming artists gathered there, creating a style that never existed, combining old-fashioned buildings and decorations with cutting-edge art.
This is known as the "Brooklyn style" and has received worldwide attention.

And now, the "Brooklyn Style" continues to evolve.
The simple and light shining light from the heavy impression of the dark and smoky floors and walls.
Create a more cozy space in response to changes in lifestyle that require a comfortable and comfortable lifestyle.
This "new Brooklyn style" will be a new trend in the salon scene.

"JSF SALON PRODUCT" was born in collaboration with journal standard Furniture as furniture that completes the "new Brooklyn style".
"JSF SALON PRODUCT" was realized because of the collaboration with journal standard Furniture, which continues to propose unique worldviews incorporating fashion elements.

TAKARA BELMONT provides professional products suitable for the ever-evolving salon scene.